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Company Profile

Lumiax is the registered trademark of Qingdao Skywise Technology Co. Ltd.which was founded in 2007. Our company has become a leading developer of PV system solutions since 2015. We focus on “off-grid” solar charge controllers, especially MPPT solar controllers.

Lumiax controllers are widely used in China, and exported to over one hundred countries and area, mainly in Europe, Asia, America, Oceania and Africa. They're used in the fields of industry, home system, street lights, RVs, boats and many other applications such as telecommunications and heavy-industry operations.

Lumiax team stands on technology, customized service oriented and continuous innovation to research and develop. Innovation and quality are the soul and standard of the products. From proposal, design, prototype, trial production and mass production, innovation and high quality are implemented into each step, which inspire Lumiax to grow rapidly.

Company Culture
  • Mission

    Magic your solar life.

  • Visions

    A leading smart power manufacturer in energy storage area.

  • Core Value

    Serving customers, Quality first, People oriented, Innovation and enterprising

Advantages & Services
  • 15

    15 years brand, quality guarantee

  • manufacture and trade integration

  • Certificates of ISO9001, ISO14001, CQC, CE, RoHS. Passed the factory inspection under TUV supervising

  • Over 1 million solar charge controllers exported more than 100 countries

  • Fast delivery

  • After sales service guarantee

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Development Path

Established in 2007Registered as “Lumiax”, Qingdao Skywise Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2007, and located in Qingdao Hi-tech park area.

Developing since the year 2009Now we have been the world-leading solar charge controller manufacturer with over 1 million controllers exported to 100 countries due to many years devoted to researching and developing solar charge controllers since the year 2009.

Become a leader of PV system solutions since 2015Starting from year 2015 Lumiax has substantially expanded its business by also delivering integrated PV system solutions of its own design. One of our major focus are “off-grid” solar charge controllers. We heavily invest in technology and have great appreciation for highly efficient type Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technologies.

Develop the inverter business since 2020We provide our customer and user with advantaved technology for inverters,which is excellent in conversion efficiency,tracking accuracy and reliability at fair prices.

Develop the controller hybrid inverter business since 2022We provide our customer and user with advantaved technology for controller hybrid inverters,which will be excellent in conversion efficiency,tracking accuracy.