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PWM solar charge controller

PWM, 12V 300W max input power, 40V max solar voltage,LCD display, common negative, Bluetooth, IP65

PWM solar charge controller


Win-N series solar controller is a fully automatic battery charger which converts power from photovoltaic(PV) array to a regulated battery voltage. Under normal circumstances the solar controller remains switched on with the PV-array and batteries connected.

  •  Backlit LCD displaying system operating information and error codes
  • LCD display design, read operating data and working condition easily.
  • LED Bar for easy to read charge state and battery information
  • 7 Battery Type Compatible Lithium-ion, LiFePO4, LTO, Gel, AGM, Flooded, and Calcium
  • Waterproof design, suitable for indoor or outdoor use
  • Bluetooth Communication Functions Optional
  • Support Android mobile phone APP, realize wireless monitoring function of solar controller
  • Use high performance, ultra-low power consumption Bluetooth dedicated chip
  • Adopt Bluetooth 4.2 and BLE technology, communication distance up to 10m
  • External temperature sensor optional, automatic temperature compensation
  • Built-in temperature sensor, when the temperature exceeds the set value, the charging current will lower down followed by the decrease of temperature, so as to control the controller’s temperature rise
  • Four stages charge way: Fast, boost, equalization, float
  • With current-limiting charging mode, when the power of solar panel is over-sized and charging current exceeds the rated current( ≤60% of rated current), the controller will lower the charging power, which enables the system to work under the rated charging current
  • Full automatic electronic protect function
Win300-N Win300-NBT
System Voltage 12V
Max Charging Power 300W
Max Voltage on Battery Terminal 25V
Max Voltage on PV Terminal 40V
Temperature Compensation -4.17mV/K per cell (Boost, Equal), -3.33mV/K per cell (Float)
Battery Type  AGM, GEL, WET, Calcium, LiFePO4, Li-ion, LTO
Communication BlueTooth
Dimensions 144*104*28mm
Weight 230g
Self consumption <6mA <12mA
Grounding Common Negative
Mounting Vertical Wall Mounting
Maximun ternimals wire size 11AWG (4mm²)
Ambient temperature -20 ~ +55℃
Storage temperature -25 ~ +80℃
Ambient humidity 0~100%RH
Protection degree IP65
Max Altitude 4000m