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PWM solar charge controller

PWM, 20A/20A, 12V/24V auto,

LED display, infrared, IP67,lithium battery

20a solar charge controller


SMR-N5Li series is specially designed for lithium battery, and it’s PCB is made from encapsulated and durable aluminum alloy material, which leads to its waterproof function (Ip67 protection degree), they can operate normally in various tough conditions.
With remote infrared unit equipped, and it can set parameters, read status and view historical data easily.
12V/24V system voltage automatic recognition, 10A, 20A current.
SMR-N5Li is a good choice for your solar street light system/home system or other solar monitoring systems in tough environments.

  • 5 stages time can be adjusted
  • Can read parameters and running status
  • Suitable for Lithium battery
  • When BMS power off because of LVD, it can activate the system automatically
  • Charging target and charging recovery voltage can be set
  • Day/Night threshold can adjust automatically
  • Remote Unit to configure, with LCD display
  • IP67, Strong and durable aluminum case
  • Full automatic electronic protect function
Max. Current20A
System Voltage —
Fast Voltage<Charging voltage target
Boost Voltage —
Equal Voltage —
Float Voltage —
Charging voltage target11.0~32.0V(Programmable)
Charging voltage recovery9.5~31.8V(Programmable)
Low voltage disconnect8.0 ~30.0V(Programmable)
Low voltage reconnect8.6 ~ 31.0V(Programmable)
Day/Night threshold3.0~20.0V(Programmable)
Battery typeLithium
Temp compensation —
Day/Night delay time0~30min(Programmable)
Max. Solar voltage55V
Max. battery voltage40V
Dimensions82 * 68 * 18.6mm
Self consumption10mA
Ambient temperature-35 ~ +60 ℃
Degree of protectionIP67
Max. Altitude4000m