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PWM solar charge controller

PWM, 10A, 12V,

LED display, 5V1A USB*1, IP22

Solar regulator 12v


Shine series Solar charge controller is a series of general economical type product that especially designed for small size solar energy power generation system. It has the characteristics of beauty, generosity, economy, practicality and simplicity, major applied into the situation that the load needs a long time power supply.

  • Low cost and high reliability design, suitable for 12V system voltage
  • Load output can be controlled by switch
  • Work mode optional: system, D2D
  • Clear readable display of charge/discharge and error description
  • Temperature compensation
  • Gel, Liquid battery for selection
  • Four stage charge way: fast, boost, equalization, float
  • Full automatic electronic protect function
  • USB interface
Type Shine1012EU
Max solar current or load current 10A
System voltage 12V
Fast voltage <14.5V(25℃)
Boost voltage 14.5V(25℃)
Equal voltage 14.8V(25℃)
Float voltage 13.7V(25℃)
Day/Night threshold 5.0V
Battery type Liquid,Gel
Temperature compensation -4.17mV/K per cell (Boost, Equal), -3.33mV/K per cell (Float)
Load disconnect voltage 11.0V
Load reconnect  voltage 12.5V
Max solar voltage 25V
Max battery voltage 20V
Over voltage protection 15.5V
Dimensions/Weight 126*66*33mm /110g
Own consumption 5mA
Ambient temperature -35~+60℃
Degree of protection IP22
USB interface 5V, 1A