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MPPT solar charge controller

MPPT, 15A, 12V/24V auto, 200W/400W max input power, 55V max solar voltage,

10~90W/20~180W LED driver built in, LED display, infrared, IP67, lithium battery,with motion sensor

Solar street lamp controller


MPPT-DCLi series solar charge controller use the most advanced MPPT technology ,the tracking efficiency >99.9%. It makes your solar system generate maximum solar power 30% more than ordinary charge controllers. It combines solar charge controller and LED constant current driver into one unit which is ideal for solar LED street light, especially when dimming function is needed.
12V/24V system voltage automatic recognition, 10A, 15A current suitable for lithium battery. With waterproof IP67 protection degree enable, it operates normally under tough conditions. MPPT-DCLi series is the best model fit for solar street lamp.

  • Innovative Max Power Point Tracking(MPPT) technology, tracking efficiency >99.9%
  • Full digital technology, high charge conversion efficiency up to 97%, discharge conversion efficiency up to 96%
  • Can output adjustably constant current, precision: 50mA, minimum current: 100mA
  • 5 stages time and dimming can be adjusted, dimming 0~100%
  • Can read parameters and running status
  • If battery voltage is low, it can be set to dimming automatically
  • Dimming start voltage and dimming percentage can be set
  • 12V/24V system voltage automatic recognition
  • External temperature sensor
  • Four stages charge way: MPPT, boost, equalization, float
  • Day/Night threshold can be adjusted
  • Remote Unit to configure, with LCD display
  • IP67, Strong and durable aluminum case
  • Full automatic electronic protect function
Type MPPT1575-DCLiR
Max charging current 15A
MPPT charging voltage <Charging voltage target
Charging voltage target 10.0~32.0V(Programmable)
Charging voltage recovery 9.2~31.8V(Programmable)
Low voltage disconnect 9.0~30.0V(Programmable)
Low voltage reconnect 9.6~31.0V(Programmable)
Max battery voltage 35V
Battery type Lithium
Max solar voltage 55V
Max input power 50W * #(3~8)  *1
Day/Night threshold 3.0~20.0V (Programmable)
MPPT tracking range (Vb+1.0V)~ Voc*0.9*2
Output power 5 ~ (15W * #(4~8)) *3
Output voltage (Vb+2V) ~ 55V
Output current 0.15~4.0A(Programmable)
Min current 100mA(Dimming)
Current precision ±2%
Dimming Yes,No,365
Voltage of start dimming 10.0~Charging voltage target(Programmable)
Dimming percentage 1~20%(Programmable)
Max tracking efficiency >99.9%
Max charge conversion 97%
Max LED driver efficiency 96%
Self consumption 6mA
Dimensions/Weight 85.8*145*30mm/600g
Ambient temperature -35~+60℃
Ambient humidity 0~100%RH
Protection degree IP67
Max altitude 4000m