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MPPT solar charge controller

MPPT, 20A/20A, 12V/24V auto, 260/520W max input power, 100V max solar voltage,

LCD display, common negative, RS485, Bluetooth,IOT,IP32

20a mppt solar charge controller


MC series MPPT solar controllers adopt MPPT control arithmetic, which can noteworthy improves the use efficiency of solar system energy due to the capacity of quickly tracking the maximum power point in any environments. MC series MPPT solar charge controllers also adopt the RS485 communication protocol, which can maximum meets the monitoring demand, can be wisely used for solar telecom base station, solar BTS and Bluetooth communication can be used for solar household system and RV market.

  • Innovative Max Power Point Tracking(MPPT) technology, tracking efficiency >99.9%
  • Full digital technology, high charge conversion efficiency up to 98%
  • LCD display design, read operating data and working condition easily
  • Real-time energy statistics function
  • 12V 24V automatic recognition
  • Flexible System battery selection: Liquid, Gel, AGM and Lithium
  • Extends battery life through accurate remote temperature sensor
  • Controller is protected against over-temperature due to built-in power reduction function
  • Four stages battery charging process: MPPT, boost, equalization, float
  • Dual automatic protection to avoid exceeding the rated charging power and current
  • Multiple load control modes: Always on, Street lamp, User-defined mode
  • IoT wireless communication or Bluetooth (internal or external) communication functions optional
  • Optional APP version for Bluetooth communication
  • With the wireless communication function of the IoT, the controller can be connected remotely through IoT/GPRS
  • Monthly charging data can be calculated and displayed by grouping and graphs
  • Based RS-485 standard Modbus protocol with RJ11 interface to maximize the communication needs of different occasions
  • Perfect Heat dissipation design
  • Full automatic electronic protect function for increased charge controller availability
Item MC2010
System Voltage 12V/24V automatical recognization
Max Charging Current 20A
MPPT Charging Voltage before boost or equal charging stage
Boost Voltage@25℃ 14.0~14.8V/28.0~29.6V @25℃(default:14.5/29V)
Equal Voltage@25℃ 14.0~15.0V/28.0~30.0V @25℃(default:14.8/29.6V)(Liquid, AGM)
Float Voltage@25℃ 13.0~14.5V/26.0~29.0V @25℃(default:13.7/27.4V)
Low Voltage Disconnect 10.8~11.8V/21.6~23.6V(default:11.2/22.4V)
Reconnect Voltage 11.4~12.8V/22.8~25.6V(default:12.0/24.0V)
Overcharge Protect 15.8V/31.3V
Charging target voltage 10.0~32.0V(Lithium, default: 14.4V)
Charging recovery voltage 9.2~31.8V(Lithium, default: 14.0V)
Low voltage disconnect 9.0~30.0V(Lithium, default: 10.6V)
Low voltage reconnect 9.6~31.0V(Lithium, default: 12.0V)
Temperature Compensation 35V
Battery Type -4.17mV/K per cell (Boost, Equal), -3.33mV/K per cell (Float)
Max Voltage on Battery Terminal Liquid, GEL, AGM, Lithium(default: GEL)
Max Voltage on PV Terminal(-20℃)  *1 100V
Max Voltage on PV Terminal(25℃) 90V
Max Input Power 260W/520W
Dusk/Dawn detect voltage 8.0V/16.0V
MPPT Tracking Range (Battery Voltage+1V) ~ Voc*0.9    *2
Output Current 20A
Work mode Always on, Street lamp, User-defined mode
Max tracking efficiency >99.9%
Max charge conversion 98%
Dimensions 136.6*136.6*67.1mm
Weight 830g
Self consumption ≤8mA (12V); ≤12mA (24V)
Communication RS485 (RJ11 interface)
Optional IoT、Cyber-BT
Grounding Common Negative
Power ternimals 6AWG (16mm²)
Ambient temperature -20 ~ +55℃
Storage temperature -25 ~ +80℃
Ambient humidity 0~100%RH
Protection degree IP32
Max Altitude 4000m

*1. Maximum solar panel voltage at minimum ambient operating temperature.

*2. Voc: PV-Module open circuit voltage.

*3. Slash separate values for 12V/24V nominal system voltage.