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Pure wave solar inverter

1000w 24v input voltage,220/230v output involtage

Frequency(50/60Hz) can be switched.


Epoch series controller is a pure sine wave inverter which convert 24Vdc to 220/230Vac 50/60Hz based on full digital and intelligent design.It features high reliability.high efficiency,full protection,easy installation and operation.The inverter can be applied in many fields,such as household appliances,electric tools and industrial devices etc,especially for solar photovoltaic power system.

  •  Complete isolation-type inverter technology.
  • Adoption of advanced SPWM technology, pure sine wave output.
  • Dynamic current loop control technology to ensure inverter reliable operation.
  • Wide DC input voltage range. · Low output harmonic distortion(THD≤2%)
  • LED indicators for input voltage range, normal output & failure state.
  • Extensive protections: short-circuit, overload, under/over input voltage, over-temperature, and inverter’s inner fault identification protections.
  • The output voltage(220/230Vac) and frequency(50/60Hz) can be switched.
  • Optional energy SAV mode(saving mode).
  • Wide working temperature range (industrial level).
  • Continuous operation at full power.
Item Epoch1000-224X
Electrical Parameters
Input rated voltage 24V
Input voltage range 21~30.5Vdc
No load current ≤0.5A@24Vdc
Output voltage 220/230Vac
Continuous power 1000W
Power 60sec 1100~1300W
Power 1.5sec >1300W
Surge Power <2000W
Output Mode Single-phase electricity
Output wave Pure sine wave
Frequency 50/60Hz
Diatortion THD THD≤2%(Resisitive load)
Efficiency at full load >92%  *1
Max. efficiency ≥94%  *2
SAV mode 0.2A; The load is detected every 10sec, if the output power is greater than 20W, it will output continuously
DC current 50A
Shutdown status <1mA
Fuse 30A*3
Environment Parameters
Dimension 383*189*73mm
Hole Size φ7mm
Weight 3.1Kg
Working temperature -20℃~+50℃
Storage temperature -35℃~+70℃
Humidity <95%(N.C.)
Altitude <5000m(Derating to operate accoding to IEC62040 at a height exceeding 1000m)
Other Parameters
Insulation Between AC output/DC input terminals and metal case: ≥550MΩ
Dielectric strenth Between AC output/DC input terminals and metal case: Test voltage AC1500V, 1min
Application Household appliances, cars, solar system and so on

*1.Ressistive at full load is continuous output power when the DC input is the rated voltage(25℃).
*2.The efficiency is referred to the max. power when connected with different load under the rated DC input voltage