Lumiax- World Solar Photovoltaic Exhibition 2021

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Lumiax- World Solar Photovoltaic Exhibition 2021

Qingdao Skywise Technology Co.,Ltd. participated the World Solar Photovoltaic Exhibition in Guangzhou during Nov.18-21. We demonstrate our latest solar charge controller and inverter solutions.The exhibition brought professionals and high-quality enterprises in the solar photovoltaic industry. The scope of the exhibition covers the latest products and advanced technologies in all fields of the photovoltaic industry, and builds a cooperative trade platform for technology and business exchanges for enterprises in the photovoltaic industry. It helps companies expand sales and communication channels, promote resource integration and complementary advantages in the photovoltaic industry, and create a professional and international photovoltaic industry event.

This exhibition covers an area of 60,000 square meters, attracting nearly a thousand companies to participate, and more than 60,000 professional visitors from nearly 100 countries participated in the exhibition. As a leading manufacturer of photovoltaic products, our team attended this exhibition with off-grid photovoltaic solar controllers and other products.

As one of the national strategic emerging industries, the photovoltaic industry has developed by leaps and bounds in recent years, and the development of photovoltaic enterprises has also attracted much attention. During the exhibition, the company’s team members actively discussed and exchanged opinions with experts and scholars in the solar photovoltaic industry and technical backbones in the application field, shared industry-related information and cutting-edge views, and cooperated and received a lot of win-win results.

Enterprises participated in this exhibition and exchanged ideas with industry experts and scholars to discuss new ideas for the development of the photovoltaic industry under the dual carbon goal, promote active innovation of enterprises, and clarify the future development direction. At the same time, the exhibition provides “screen-to-screen” interactive communication for exhibitors and purchasers, especially for Southeast Asia and other regions. Enterprises seized this technology, actively communicated with buyers from all over the world, opened up the upstream and downstream industrial chains of the industry, integrated resources, opened up domestic and overseas trading links, and created more trading opportunities. It inject a boost for enterprises to open up new fields with more abundant products and innovative technologies.